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50 Questions and Answers on Islamic Monotheism

50 Questions and Answers on Islamic Monotheism

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Believing in the Oneness of ALLAH is a basic fundamental in Islam. This belief establishes the relationship between human beings and their Rabb (Lord). As a Muslim, we firmly believe that ALLAH is the Creator, Sustainer's and the true God; only He has the right to be worshipped, there is no partner with Him and only He has created the universe. In this booklet, which is basically meant for the children, we have prepared 50 questions on the belief of Islamic Monotheism and provided short and simple but comprehensive answers to them. Islam is the religion that ALLAH has chosen for mankind. It is a way of life that affects every aspect of man's life, the social, the political, the economic, etc. Islam has a solution to every problem regardless of its nature and gravity. It is a Divine message, which ALLAH chose Muhammad صلی الله علیه وآله وسلم to convey to mankind. Islam considers all forms of life as sacred. In this book we have tried to convey the basic rules and regulations concerning Islam.

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