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Fear The Temptations Of The Dunya

Fear The Temptations Of The Dunya

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This book covers an aspect of knowledge that is both noble and important in that it discusses abstinence of the worldly life and carries a warning from ever being infatuated with it, competing for it or allowing it to become the main concern of oneself or an ultimate objective. Whoever finds themselves as such will be significantly harmed by it, and it will be the reason for his demise and a prevention from all that is good.

The scholars have written numerous valuable works and beneficial authorships on this subject, from them is al-Imam Ahmad, Ibn al-Mubārak, Waki’, Hannad Ibn al-Sari and others. Furthermore, the student of knowledge is in need of reading what the people of knowledge have penned down in this subject matter, so that the soul becomes refined and disciplined, his heart becomes steadfast and to avoid being charmed by the worldly life.

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