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Seerah Trail

Seerah Trail

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How to Learn About the Life of the Prophet Muhammad (S) the Fun Way!
Do you wish your child knew more about the Prophet Muhammad (S) and the highlights of his incredible life?

Would you like your child to develop a deep love for Allah’s finest creation?

The Seerah Trail has been designed with you in mind. It helps to assist you in teaching your child about the Prophet Muhammad (S) and the key events which took part during his life in one of the best ways possible. Here’s how:

It’s an all-in-one story image which sticks in your child’s mind as it is visually engaging which helps them remember the Prophet (SAW) and the highlights of his life in a fun and engaging way.

Each image relates to a key event which took place in the Messenger’s (S) life so your chid builds an immediate mental association for better long-term memory.

The images are placed geographically meaning your child will remember where events took place in relation to each other.

The names tags of 20 events and locations are interchangeable so you are able to assess your child by asking them to put the name of the event next to the correct image.

The Seerah Trail is a large floor puzzle (measures 87cm by 58cm) ensuring that it is just the right level of difficultly for a child to complete. It is also easy to handle and the pieces are not small assuring that the pieces will not get lost.

The fact that this is a puzzle, guarantees that your child is more likely to learn about the Prophets in a much more engaging and fun way.
The Seerah Trail is a unique resource unlike any other available with it's feature of placing the entire life of the Prophet (S) in one place for children. This type of pedagogy is the hallmark of Learning Roots' creative resources that have earned praise from parents and teachers worldwide for over 14 years.

We would recommend the Seerah Trail for children aged 3-9. Younger children would enjoy the making of the puzzle, and older children will find it helpful to use the timeline included to locate the different places in the Seerah story using the timeline included.

To get your puzzle, click the ‘Add to Cart’ button above. May you and your children be adorned with the heart of the Prophet Muhammad (S).
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