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The Comprehensive Concept of Purity in Islam

The Comprehensive Concept of Purity in Islam

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In Islam, purity is highly valued and has a significant impact on one’s life, particularly on the life of a Muslim. Prayer is an effective way to achieve purity in one’s life. This book’s main goal is to familiarize Muslims and non-Muslims with the concept of purity (Taharah). The Messenger of Allah Muhammd (May Peace and blessings of Allah be upon him “said, “Purification is half of faith”. This book will help you in comprehending and learning the rulings on purity in the light of the Holy Qur’an and authentic Hadiths.

I have intentionally avoided any of the weak Hadiths. In contrast, this book highlights the views and the sayings of both earlier and contemporary scholars, including His Eminence Shaikh Abdul Aziz Bin Abdullah Bin Baz, Muhammad Bin Saleh Al-Uthyaimin, Shaikh Abdullah Bin Abdur-Rahman Al-Jibreen, and Saleh Bin Ganim Al-Sadlan (may Allah have mercy on them). In addition, Shaikh Saleh Al-Fawzân May Allah Protect him.

One advantage of this book is that it provides comprehensive coverage of the concept of purity in Islam besides the scientific and medical aspects of miracles. I attempted to write full Isnåd for most of the Prophetic Hadiths. In this book, I have collected Fatawa concerning purity in general and regarding traveller’s purity.

I have put them at the end of the book, so readers can easily access them. Furthermore, I divided this book into twelve chapters, with a new chapter on the purity of couples. However, this book is considered an indispensable resource, particularly for students of knowledge. The number of English references is about 107, including Arabic references. Most of them are from the highest scholarly sources.

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