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The Legislated Method For Treating Magic and The Evil Eye

The Legislated Method For Treating Magic and The Evil Eye

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The Quran and Ahädith are from the greatest bounties the Lord of the worlds has blessed us with. The apparent and hidden, the body and soul, are cured with them. With this great bounty, a person is not in need of anything other than it with the condition that one fully comprehends and submits with full faith, Allah says in the Qur’an: “This day have I perfected your religion for you.” [Q 5:3] Some people do not value the religion and think it is incomplete, that is why they go down other paths and chase other “-isms” while some people take the Quran and Ahädith only for a spiritual cure related to the success of the hereafter, not a physical cure bringing happiness in this life as well as the next.

Some people depend solely upon doctors for physical diseases and illnesses, while thinking the adhkär which have been shown in the Quran and Ahadith are of no benefit in regards to physical diseases and illnesses. Yet the truth is that these adhkär and supplications have greater elect than western medicine, hence why the dua’ is the weapon for a believer, as has been reported in the Hadith collected in al-Mustadrak

The Prophet emphasized on dua and adhkar. He prescribed specific adhkar for specific occasions, hence every Muslim should strive to memorize these due to their importance. This will allow one to achieve happiness in this life and the next. I am writing this booklet (Risalah) about two essential issues (cure for the evil eye and curing magic) at the advice of Al-Haj Prächa because people are in great need of knowing these issues.


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